Jamie Dodson

1935! Nick Grant’s life changes forever when world celebrities Charles and Anne Lindberg, land at Alameda, California. After Nick services their plane, Ann takes him aside. She offers the teenager a month's wages to deliver a mysterious map case to Bill Grooch on the tramp steamer S.S. North Haven. Desperate for money, Nick agrees and is immediately trust into a quiet, but deadly, spy war between the Japanese and American Intelligence Services.

“In Nick Grant, the reader gets a taste of Mickey Spillane, a young Chuck Yeager, and Charlie Chan, all rolled into one. But a gripping climax reveals the true Nick--a memorable hero in his own right. A fun read for lovers of adventure and international intrigue!”

Susan Rosson Spain, Author of THE DEEP CUT, a 2006 Marshall Cavendish Award Winner, www.susanspain.com

"Delightful! Flying Boats & Spies is a welcome return to a glamorous age of high-adventure and heroes--and a tribute to the grand-adventure series of yesteryear. Rollicking and great fun, this well-told tale of international intrigue should appeal to every generation in a family. I look forward to future volumes in this series."

Ralph Peters, author of Wars Of Blood And Faith

Nick's Web Page: Nick Grant Adventures
ISBN: 978-0-9790857-2-7